We supply Marine Fuels to the various segments in shipping:

  • commercial vessels (tankers, bulkcarriers, breakbulk-, container vessels, ferries etc.)
  • offshore- & windmill-installation vessels
  • dredgers
  • cruise vessels
  • navy vessels
  • fishing vessels
  • yachts

Our focus is on supplies by tanktruck(s) but we can also arrange barge-supplies depending on the size of the requirement and requested delivery port.

Grades include:

ULSD 10PPM & EN590
IFO380/180 S 3.5%
VLSFO S 0.5% & ULSFO S 0.1%
GTL Fuel Marine

AZURenergies supplies urea in all French ports with suitable access. For larger volumes (over 15 Cbm) we can source the urea directly from the manufactering plant through an agreement we have in place for supplies in France and consequently can offer competitive prices. We can deliver both in Bulk or in IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Container) of 1000Ltr each. Just let us know which solution you need AUS 40 or AUS 32 (AdBlue 32.5%) and we will make you our best offer and take care of a smooth supply

Furthermore we are expanding the regular fuels with biofuels and renewable energy.

There are many initiatives and innovations going on in the development of sustainable energy by inventing new renewable and biofuels.

These activities are promoted under our name AZURbiofuels.

At this moment it is our priority to introduce these fuels next to our regular operations so that we can reduce the carbon footprint for our customers.

We can assist you in arranging lubricants for your vessel, either in the requested brand & specification or, if not available, an equivalent grade.

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